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    Harms Way, TIHC 2012

    bosxe waving to his legions of adoring fans.

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    Best tweet I saw this morning. Fuck Joyce Manor.

    And injure people in the crowd, makes a lot of sense.

    Don’t want to be injured get away from the stage. When I’m up front during a band I know what’s coming to me and I’m pretty positive everyone knows it too.

    If you’re afraid of getting hurt then don’t attend our shows or 99% of Hardcore/punk shows, watch it on you tube. Stage dives are mandatory. If there is no stage then I’ll be the fucking platform.

    I’m holding that to you and I’m jumping off your back like a diving board next Portland//Seattle show.

    Wally, you should be promoting a sense of safety in this community. Don’t fucking dare tell someone not to get hit before you tell someone not to hit people.

    I encourage positive aggression at our shows. Stage dives, moshing, slamming, singing along, circle pitting. I can only speak for my band that this is the atmosphere we want 100% of the time. I’m not telling kids to beat anyone up, I’m telling them to just let it out for 30 minutes and lose yourself despite your size, gender, age. There will be accidents but that’s the risk you take getting involved. Joyce Manor isn’t a band I would be encouraged to dive to in the first place, they aren’t a Hardcore punk band and that’s perfectly fine they can do as they please at their shows. My point is go balls to the walls at RO shows, if an accident happens or someone falls address the situation. If you like football go to a game and root from the seats, if you wanna get on the field be prepare to be knocked around a bit. Take care of one another.

    this is why Walter is my dude.

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    Freedom - TIHC 2014 (full set)

    this next song is about not having a voice, it’s called “voiceless” 

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  4. I hope these mean another Boston show soon. I missed the last one.

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    Antonio Roque. Black Label Tattoo Company. Frederick, Maryland.

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    _Hot Tattoo Blog_ Philip Yarnell via Tumblr

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